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Mite/U8 Evaluations


Saturday, October 15

Hello everyone,

By now many of you may have noticed announcements from FYHA regarding upper level tryouts (Squirts / U10 through Bantams / U15).  We wanted to share with you all some details regarding the lower level tryouts for our Mite and U8 players.  

Tryout Dates and TImes 
Saturday October 15 - 12:45 pm -5:15 pm 
Sunday October 16 - 8:15 am-1:00 pm
Players' times have not been determined yet as registration is still open until 10/1.  We will send out / post specific players times about 1 week prior.  

If you know someone who is considering playing hockey this year, please encourage them to sign up by using this link

Schmitz-Maki Ice Arena - Farmington, MN

If you have been by Schmitz-Maki you will notice there is a bit of construction.  Please plan ahead as parking is limited and as of this email (Sept 22) you can only access the arena from the west.  Here is link to the current map.  If there are any changes to parking due to construction we will let you know as soon as we get any information.  

When to arrive for lower level evaluations / tryouts
Please arrive 30 prior to your players ice time

What to wear to lower level evaluations / tryouts
All players need to be in full hockey gear.  Locker rooms will be available for all players.  Please make sure your player has a jersey.  We will be assigning pinnies the day of to wear on top of the jersey.    These will be handed out when you arrive at the arena.  

Each skater will be assigned a numbered pinnie both days at check-in for evaluation purposes and is to hand in that pinnie at the end of each day. 

Day 1 Skills and Scrimmage  
● 1/3 of the ice will be for cross ice scrimmage and 2/3 of the ice will consist of four skills stations.. Here is a link to the drills and the layout of the ice for that day. 
●Day 1 kids will be divided by their grade level, with the older players first, followed by the younger players.  
●Players will receive their times approximately 1 week prior.  This will be posted on the FYHA website.  

Day 2 Scrimmage
● On Day 2 players will be placed on equal teams with players of similar skill and scrimmage against each other.. 
● During the scrimmage, each player is given a grade of 1 – 5 (5 being the best) based upon the players overall ability in terms of skating, passing, stick-handling and shooting. 
● Players will receive their specific ice time the night before.  This will also be posted on the FYHA website.  

● All players' scores will be  tabulated and the players will be ranked according to average scores from all evaluators. 
● These player rankings are used for initial placement of all skaters. Discretion from the coaching committee will determine the number of teams at the Mite level.   

The Mite players are then split into teams based on their level of ability. Teams will be classified as Mite I, Mite II, Mite III, and Mite IV.   The same is true for U8 except we will give each team a color such as white, orange or black.  

Mite I players are considered 1st year players (either moving up from Ponies or 1st year skaters) and will not be evaluated,

Once the teams have been determined and coaches have been selected your player will be contacted from their new Mite / U8 coach.  Due to the nature of this process this may take a few days and we thank you for your patience on this.  

Again, we just wanted to give you all an overview of what is on the horizon.  Looking forward to a great season!  



Ryan Harrison

FYHA Lower Level Co-Coordinator

Herbie Nivala

FYHA Lower Level Co-Coordinator