Volunteer Policy

FYHA relies heavily on our valued members to volunteer during each season in order to make our program affordable for all.   Not to worry,  there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer.   Our Volunteers allow our program to run efficiently without having to raise the cost of playing hockey.

A $400.00 volunteer fee will be collected at the Annual FYHA Open House in September. The check will be destroyed by the FYHA at the conclusion of the year based on the rules covered in the volunteer agreement,  to include 9 volunteer hours worked per family.  Please note that Families with 3 or more Paid Skaters or a parent in active duty military service are exempt from this policy.   Grievances will be handled  by the Board.

The player(s) name that the volunteer check is written for must be in the memo section of the check.  For multi-player families, the volunteer check will issued to the eldest players team.

Each family can opt out of their volunteer obligations during the  registration process by paying $400 online. 

Please note that this is only valid when registering your skater online and not afterwards. 

Pony volunteer policy:

A $400.00 volunteer check will be collected at the Annual FYHA Open House in September.   Each family is required to work during one 3 hour volunteer session throughout the year.  If your volunteer hours are not completed, your volunteer check will be cashed.

For Pony players with older sibling in Mite or above, the non-pony volunteer policy prevails.

Farmington Youth Hockey Association is grateful for our members and their time and commitment to our program. Thank you for doing your part to keep hockey as affordable as possible for all of our skaters.