Jersey System For 2019-2020

(Applies to Squirt/Girls U10, Peewee/Girls U12, Bantam/Girls U15, Boys U16, and Junior Gold)

Every year, we struggle with jerseys, in 2015 we changed to player owned jerseys with permanently assigned numbers.  We did this because:

  • Managing Jerseys is expensive for us.  -- Apart from replacement costs, storage, and managing them is a pain.  
  • Association owned jerseys get treated differently than player/parent owned jerseys.  We know from other associations, player owned are treated better and last longer.
  • We've bought jerseys on the cheap through the years -- Our stock is low and the quality isn't what we want.
  • We've got mix-matched jersey sets and want to look good as an association, and have access to grow more easily.

Here's how this works for this season

  • Players who have not already been issued will be issued a jersey set prior to District games starting.
  • The association has ordered jerseys up front.
  • If you need a replacement set of jerseys you will be required to purchase your next set.  Please contact the jersey coordinator if you are need of a new set of jerseys.
  • 1 set of game socks will be supplied by the association. 


  • All fittings have already taken place. 
  • If you need to be fitted for a new jersey or if you are new to the association as a Squirt / Girls U10 level or above, we will have jerseys available for fittings at registration.  If you are not able to attend registration for a fitting, please contact the jersey coordinator to make special arrangements.
  • Numbers will be assigned after registration of your player is completed.  They will be mostly random with a few exceptions:
  • 30 - 39 are reserved for goalies.
  • 13 will not be automatically assigned because of issues with Triskaidekaphobia and won't assign that negative juju to any player.

The association will be guaranteeing your number for your time with FYHA with a few exceptions in which case you would work with FYHA to re-number your jersey sets:

  • If you flip from Girls hockey to Co-ed, all bets are off.
  • If you were playing co-ed this year and flip to girls, all bets are off.
  • If you leave the association and return, while your number is likely to remain available, upon return we don't promise a change won't be required.

Questions related to jerseys?

Please contact:

Mat Garofalo

Jersey Coordinator