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Registration for the 2023-2024 Season Is Open!

The Registration "Registration" is not currently available.

Registration Declaration Reminder

Starting in 2018, FYHA implemented a new Registration Declaration process to assist in the planning and preparation of the upcoming season. All families are required to register their players at the same gender and level as declared in May.  If no declaration was provided, the player must be registered at their expected gender and level. Thank you for your cooperation!

Want to read our registration process more easily?

When you click on the registration link,  we are REQUIRED to put all of the registration information onto a single page.  We know it's tough to read.  

To make it easier, we've brought all of the information regarding registration to the tabs below... it contains the same information, but the Fee Schedules only appear on the registration pages. 

Hope this helps!

Be sure to click on EACH tab to read about the policies.