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Player Training Opportunities

Summer Training Bingo

This year we have Bingo Cards for the Upper Level and Lower Level Groups and would like them to complete the cards with a Blackout/Coverall.  This is a fun way to start engaging in some hockey - it may be warm out now but we all know that switch is coming!  The cards will be due Tuesday, September 6, that gives your players 8 weeks to complete the task.  What do they get:  Everyone who completes the Bingo Card will receive a Hockey Beanie and will be put in the drawing with a chance to win a New Hockey Stick for the Season sponsored by Northstar Painting!

Download your card and start training using the Bingo Card below!

U12/U15 Training Opportunity with Jon Holmes (Girls H.S. Head Coach)

Dates: June 13th through July 28th with the “no contact” week per MSHSL rules being July 1-8 (no practices or training).
Players will skate for one hour in groups of 10 or less.


Summer Hockey Training Information:
The purpose of the summer training is to allow for all those involved to focus and develop the individual skills they need to succeed at the next level while aligning  and merging their progress with future teammates. This helps hold each player more accountable while also building vital team culture.  We will organize the summer training groups in a few different ways.  The focus is to give the players that are training this summer not only the most relevant training they can get but also a snapshot of where they fit in with all those looking to tryout for the high school program.  Giving the players a realistic look at how they stack up is key for these players to stay motivated and set meaningful and realistic goals for the remainder of the summer and fall heading into the high school season.  Players will know what they need to work on and how hard they need to work on it prior to tryouts.

There are three days for ON ICE TRAINING that we will have set up for this summer:

  1.  Mondays – small groups with the emphasis being on individual skills.  Players will get extremely high reps and as close to one on one coaching that is possible for instant feedback and guidance. These small groups are something we pride ourselves on and value immensely.  We realize that this adds to the cost of the summer training as we are not able to maximize dollars with large groups of kids but it gives the ability for the players to get an experience unlike any other they have likely had with coaches that have as much experience as those that will be on the ice.  This group will be predetermined so schedules can be set since the hours range from 8:00AM to 2:00PM to ensure we keep groups small enough.  Who is in each of these groups is not a determination of which large group settings the players will be steered toward.
  2.  Wednesdays (6:30AM – 8:45AM) – we will utilize Wednesdays primarily for positional development.  We will have defense and forwards divided up.  The first hour will be defense and the second hour will be forwards with the knowledge that some weeks we will have overlap where we may have the defense do 30 minutes together, bring the forwards on for some large group items, and then finish with the forwards for the final 30 minutes.  This means we will have to be somewhat flexible with timing on some days to ensure everyone is maximizing their on ice time.  In order to help with overall training we will also ask that on some weeks certain groups of forwards will combine with certain groups of defense so being available from 6:30-AM until 8:45AM will be vital.  When we change a group’s time we will be sure to let them know as a group and individually.
  3.  Thursdays (6:00PM – 8:15PM or later if needed) – these nights will be reserved for either small game competitions/intra-squad scrimmages, or outside scrimmages with area programs.  After the first week or two we will begin to move players to time frames where they are with their most like skilled players regardless of age.

Summer WEIGHTLIFTING and OFF ICE TRAINING:  (All hockey players will be put into the same group or groups depending on the times that work best so we work out as a program)

  1.  It is expected that those looking to return and or tryout for the high school program will sign up for the FHS Strength and Conditioning Summer Training Program.  The web page is
  2.  This is run by Coach Meier who is a national and regional award winning trainer and runs all of our off season and in season workouts for athletics at FHS.  He has the ability to track progress for all individuals across programs and throughout an entire calendar year to be sure to give individuals and programs the most direct and vital guidance they need to have success.  This also allows for him to help hold our teams and athletes accountable for their progress with real data and training year round.
  3.  Aside from the above mentioned guidance, we need our players to be working out with each other for team building and trust building.  We need to show each other how much they matter with our willingness and commitment to get stronger as an individual to help the overall success of the program and team.  Off ice training is every bit as important as on ice.
  4.  Of course there will be some exceptions. They should be rare and I would expect to have a conversation about them when they arise.  Not only is this training in my opinion better than any individual trainer someone could pay for, it is literally at the fraction of the cost and offers honest feedback since what coach Meier will share is not dependent on him keeping clients, it will be to the point and beneficial to the teams and players.

Any Jamborees, tournaments or scrimmages outside of the time frames above will not be included with this camp. If and when those opportunities arise I will get information and supplemental costs out to players and families.

Please fill out the google form as complete as possible to let me know your availability for the summer training. The attached waiver must also be mailed or dropped off prior to the summer sessions beginning.


Girl U10 (or under) Ice Pixies - Spring/Summer Hockey Clinic 2022



We are pulling together an ALL girls lower level clinic opportunity with 8U, 10U and Squirt coaches.

What is the Goal?
*Offer an all Girls Camp so we can continue to push skills and game theory at their speed
*Offer an environment to continue to grow strong relationships with current & future teammates
*Offer an opportunity to 'Coach the Coach' - Learn from each other to push our knowledge

What does your $210 Fee Include?
* 21 - Hours of Ice Time Starting April 6th ending August 17th, Wednesdays 6:45pm-7:45pm, Hayes Ice Arena in - Apple Valley + a Monday Skills Showcase Event
*13 - Dryland/ Off Ice Activities , Mondays - Start time TBD (Close to 6/630), Locations to vary based off weather and activity
*3 - Group Events (TBD) (To cover admissions, food, supplies, etc)
*T-Shirt for each Participant
*Other Supplies, Training Equipment and Activities TBD at a later date.

What is Asked of you?
This price and volume of skating is solely reliant on Parent participation
Ways to participate:
*Putting your skates on and jumping on the ice (requesting a Min/Max of 6 Coaches/Demonstrators each wk)
*Participating in Dry Land/Off Ice Activities (Requesting min of 4 volunteers each wk)
*Signing up to bring snacks or other items as requested

What are the next steps?
*Registration and an Insurance Waiver  
*$210.00 Fee sent via Venmo @stemiglm (confirmation last 4 digits 5752) or cash
Please Note: Fee is based on 24 participants

This is a Girls only program and currently accepting participants 10 yrs and under


Please let me, Coach Lindsay, know if you have any questions or concerns via email / or phone 651-500-5752.

2021 Tiger Tone Summer Off-Ice Training

Tiger Tone Training forms are due 9/6 by midnight.

The Farmington Youth Hockey Association has put together an off-ice summer training program for both skaters and goalies with a focus on improving each players agility, stick handling and puck shooting abilities. This is an optional program, however each player that completes the program will be entered into a drawing for a brand new stick of their choice (one boy and one girl will be chosen) sponsored by Ryan Bjorkstrand and Northstar Painting! Skaters will be required to complete 15 Hours of Agility Work, 15 Hours of Stick Handling, and 6000 Pucks. Goalies will be required to complete 25 Hours of Agility/Goalie Specific Work, 10 Hours of Stick Handling, and 3000 Pucks. Use the attached form to track each players efforts and return them by 9/6 to:



Reference the following videos for agility and stick handling drills for the first four weeks (new items will be sent/posted there after):



Download the USA Hockey Mobile Coaching App from your app store. This App contains tons of goalie specific agility ideas with videos.  In the mobile coaching app, go to Videos, then the Dryland section, then Goaltender Skills.


Use the Spreadsheet below to track your progress!

Off-Season Training Opportunities

Stick & Puck @Schmitz-Maki

Schmitz-Maki will be hosting 'Stick & Puck' opportunities on the dates below.  Sessions are $10/skater. :

7/14/2022 Thursday 4:15-5:45pm
7/21/2022 Thursday 4:15-5:45pm
7/28/2022 Thursday 4:15-5:45pm
8/9/2022 Tuesday 10:15-11:45am
8/11/2022 Thursday 10:15-11:45am
8/16/2022 Tuesday 10:15-11:45am
8/18/2022 Thursday 10:15-11:45am
8/23/2022 Tuesday 10:15-11:45am
8/25/2022 Thursday 10:15-11:45am
8/30/2022 Tuesday 10:15-11:45am