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Farmington Youth Hockey Association

Summer hockey comes home to Schmitz-Maki!  Click the Logo below to read/learn more and to get registered!

The Farmington Hockey Camp welcomes girl and boy hockey players of all abilities, ages 7 to 14. The primary focus of this day camp will be on speed and skill development with an emphasis on three main goals. The first is that hockey has to be fun. If this

    Upcoming Events

    • May
    • 14
    Board Meeting
    • Jun
    • 11
    Board Meeting
    • Jul
    • 9
    Board Meeting
    • Aug
    • 13
    Board Meeting
    • Sep
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    Open House for 2014-2015 Season
    • 9:00am- 1:00pm (CDT)
    • Schmitz Maki Arena
    • It's time for our open house for the 2014-2015 season.  Come on out and buy some equipment from the equipment swap, get your raffle tickets and learn some more about the changes planned for 2014-2015!

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    • Sep
    • 10
    Board Meeting
    • Sep
    • 13
    Golf Tournament - Fun for all ages (especially those over 21)
    • 8:00am-11:45pm (CDT)
    • Southern Hills Golf Course
    • It's hard to believe it's time to golf.  I know you all are looking forward to the 2014-2015 Golf fundraiser, so here it comes.  More details will come up as the date approaches but we're expecting a great tournament this year.  Rob Knutson will be sporting the lead role in the FYHA Dunk tank, Cassano will be getting tasered for $5/shot and then there is the tail-gating!... silent raffle (which is anything but silent)... but good times to be had for all.  

      Can't golf? -- No problem... neither can the rest of us.  

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    • Oct
    • 8
    Board Meeting
    • Nov
    • 12
    Board Meeting
    • Dec
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    Board Meeting

    The moment we've been waiting for... Who are the big winners of the final two drawing of our raffle... INCLUDING the GRAND PRIZE!!!  I know... this is exciting... I mean, kind of like Ryan Seacrest announcing who is the American Idol winner only that these people who win this raffle don't get a recording contract and go onto lifelong fame and glory.  The envelope please...  Your winners of the final drawings for the 2013-2014 Farmington Youth Hockey Association Raffles are:

    Feb 8th Winners
    • Tamara Bussian $500
    • Becky Trinka $200
    • Melanie Kelley $100
    Feb 22nd Winners..
    • Kari and John Tonsager $1000 GRAND PRIZE WINNER!!
    • Michelle Taubenberger $200
    • Jake Jacobs $100

    ​Cue the confetti and balloons.  For those that didn't win (which is the majority of us...) best wishes for next year's raffle!

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